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Digital Engagement

Digitise your business and make it future proof

Customer behaviour in the waste industry is changing rapidly. With an increasing need for mobility and on-demand services. What’s needed is a series of integrated solutions that help waste operators digitise their processes.

Transform how you work with customers and partners with our new digital engagement platform.

The digital engagement platform is a single secure system that manages how you exchange information with outside parties. This includes how you send jobs to subcontractors, receive invoices from suppliers and receive orders from customers. Where before you used manual processes such as phone, email or paper to get these things done, the digital engagement platform will now do it electronically at a much lower cost.

The platform consists of three modules; Partner Engagement, EDI & eBilling and Customer Self-Service. By introducing these modules, we support new and emerging digital channels. Driving the resource industry forward into a new era of customer convenience and operator efficiency.

Digitise your business. Now!

This new digital platform enables customers to promptly order waste collection services, and interact with waste operators online. It also provides the opportunity for waste operators to service customers through social media, digital assistants and connected devices.

Lower your costs

The platform builds stronger customer relationships. At a lower cost than traditional call centres. Customers can contact their waste provider when, where and how it best suits them. Operators benefit from reduced call centre traffic and satisfied customers.

Automated Procurement

The digital engagement platform can be used to manage you procurement processes around subcontracting jobs. It helps automate sourcing new subcontractors, ensuring their compliance with your standards and getting you a better price.

Total Automation

The digital engagement platform uses an open document standard. This enables waste service providers to accept all ticket types and to easily transfer jobs between systems. Providers create transaction types unique to a trading relationship. Transfers, approvals and confirmations are then all automated.


Digitising the waste business has many benefits, from:

  • Greatly reduce traffic to your call center
  • Enable delivery of on-demand services
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduce subcontracting costs
  • Get real-time confirmations back from subcontractors
  • Dramatically reduce invoice processing costs

Digital engagement platform

Partner Engagement

Partner Engagement Real-time exchange of information with the supply chain.

Ideal for subcontractors and other parties, the Partner Engagement module provides a digital and real-time exchange of information with the supply chain.


Integrated into a fully comprehensive solution, the cloud-based Partner Engagement module is future proof. The solution automates each stage of the partner lifecycle from initial sourcing to managing jobs and invoicing.


Throughout the subcontracting lifecycle the platform also works to ensure that your panel of subcontractors are compliant with your standards. Alongside this, tools are also included to assist you in planning your subcontracting activity and ensuring that your customer service levels are being met.

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EDI & eBilling

EDI & eBilling Quick and easy exchange of invoice data with third parties

The AMCS EDI component automates how you both send and receive invoices. Utilising a range of EDI standards such as X12 and EDIFACT, the EDI component allows quick and easy exchange of invoice data with third parties.


The EDI & e-Billing module removes the need to process paper invoices from suppliers and to send paper/email invoices to customers. Where the EDI system replaces paper processes, technology of this type has been shown to deliver cost savings of up to 80%.


Once configured to connect to your enterprise software, it supports transferring invoices by direct insertion/extraction, file transfer over FTP or upload, AS2, manual entry and email.

Sending Customer Invoices

Receiving Supplier Invoices 




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Customer Self-Service

Customer Self-Service Take the pressure off your customer service department

Customer Self-Service takes the pressure off your customer service department by automating common interactions such as the taking of orders, dealing with complaints and queries.


Build trust with customers by offering responsive and personalised support on their preferred channels. With 24/7 support and easy access to the answers they need. Wherever they are, we create great customer engagement.


The system allows operators to configure automated responses to common queries received from customers such as balance enquiries, calendar enquiries and repeat orders. The system itself uses a range of plug-ins that allow interaction through 3rd party platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. It also includes support for hardware devices such as fill-sensors and buttons attached to the end-customer account.

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